In Store Rewards Program

Green-Bambino’s 6-Box Card Rewards Program is a fun and easy way for you to get more out of your favorite store! Each time you shop, we’ll fill in a box on your card with the date and your total spent (before sales tax). When you fill up all 6 boxes on your first card (white), we’ll add up the total and give you 5% back to spend as cash. You'll earn a higher percentage back in rewards and perks on your next card (green)! It’s that simple. The more boxes and cards you fill, the more rewards you enjoy!

It’s simple…
• Your rewards card stays in store – so there's nothing you need to keep track of
• Your rewards never expire
• The more you shop with us, the more you can earn! Our VIPs earn up to 10% (or MORE with special perks) as cash back on all purchases!


Earn MORE Rewards FASTER…
• Earn rewards when you refer a friend – whenever a customer you refer fills out a NEW rewards card, their first purchase amount goes in a box on your card too.
• Earn double rewards for special events like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day & Grandparent’s Day

Join the Green Club & keep shopping small to become a VIP…
Once you fill up your first 6-box card – you’re in the Green Card Club! Green Club Members enjoy:
• 5th Saturday Club Membership
• Exclusive coupons
• Other surprise perks

And after you fill up 3 cards – you’re a VIP (Pink Card)! VIPs (aka Pink Card Members) enjoy:
• A free gift upon joining the club
• 5th Saturday Club Membership
• Earn the maximum % back in rewards and receive exclusive coupons
• Other surprise perks

How quickly do the rewards really add up?

For example:

  • If you spend $200 over your first six purchases, we’ll give you $10 (5% of your total $200 spent) to spend with us again as a credit on your next purchase.
  • If you spend $500 over six purchases, we’ll give you $25 back.
  • Once you move up into the Green Club, your reward increases. And once you move up to the Pink Club (VIP), you'll earn 10% back on every purchase you make at Green Bambino!