Gently Used Diaper Buyback Program


Green Bambino’s Cloth Diaper Buyback program 

Do you have some diapers that you just don’t use? Maybe you washed a few, then decided they weren’t your favorites? Bring them back to Green Bambino for store credit towards anything else in the store. 

Green Bambino currently considers all diaper brands in the following styles:

-All-In-One Diapers

-Diaper Covers

-Prefold & Flat Diapers

Diapers must be gently used and in excellent used condition. Diapers not of the above styles or meeting the following conditions will NOT be considered for buyback.

  • Diapers should be clean and odor-free. Please wash and thoroughly dry diapers before bringing them in.
  • Diapers should be free of stains, pet or human hair, lint, holes/tears, fading, etc. 
  • Snaps and Velcro should be fully intact and functional. 
  • Elastic should be snug and functional. Diapers that have been stored for long periods of time often have deteriorated elastic. Please test your elastics before bringing them to us.
  • Diapers for buyback should be presented in an organized by type, with like items stacked together.
  • Diapers should be presented open (not snapped shut).

Please consider donating items that do not meet our buyback criteria to Infant Crisis Services for community distribution. We accept and sanitize all cloth diaper donations at Green Bambino.

Diaper buybacks are typically made on Tuesdays. For consideration, diapers will need to be dropped off anytime during the week, and offers will be made by phone the following Tuesday.

We base our offer on condition and popularity of the diapers, as well as on what we already have stocked. You don’t have to accept our offer, but our offer is firm. Please note that if you decline our offer you have 7 days to return to pick up your items. Items not picked up will be donated to Infant Crisis Services.

As with any consignment or resale situation, we as the retailer, put the effort into preparing, merchandising, and selling the items, so the amount of credit we are able to offer you won’t be as much as you’d make if you sold your diapers on your own. 

We’ll offer store credit ONLY for your diapers. This store credit will never expire and can be used toward the purchase of anything in the store. 

Green Bambino reserves the right to refuse credit for any diapers for any reason.