Pretend Play Set

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eeBoo Pretend Play Set


  • For ages 3 and up
  • Promotes creativity and imagination
  • Winner of the Oppenheim Platinum Award

Grown up set:The eeBoo Grown Up Pretend Play set includes a checkbook, wallet with ID, keys, coffee, money, and glasses. Whether they're working in an office or just waiting in line at the DMV, your little one is all set for adulthood. If only someone could explain what an IRA is?


  • 12 cards &wallet
  • 5 keys
  • Cellphone & glasses
  • Coffee mug & tea cup
  • Checkbook
  • ATM machine
  • Play money

Best Pals' Diner set:
This is the perfect set for any kid who dreams of running their own restaurant! Promotes creativity and imagination development.


  • 2 Menus
  • Guest Checks - Pad of 30
  • Play Money - 20 each of $1, $5, $10
  • This is the perfect set for any kid who dreams of running their own restaurant!
  • Includes 17 food and drink pieces and 2 plates

School set:
An new addition to eeboo's top selling Pretend Play sets, this activity-set provides the tools kids need to set out on their own imaginative adventure in a brand new setting: SCHOOL! Class is never boring when you are in charge.


  • Teacher workbook
  • Handwriting Notebook
  • 4 mini classroom posters
  • 5 student ids and library cards
  • ruler and hall pass
  • merit stickers and book of merit

World Traveler set:
The World Traveler set includes tickets, postcards, travel documents and a play passport. Whether you want to roam the urban jungle of San Francisco, go on a wild safari in Kenya, or explore the ancient forests of Xanadu, the World Traveler Pretend Play set will give you the tools you need to get there.


  • 40 tickets
  • Passport
  • 10 Postcards
  • Play postage & passport stickers
  • Driver license, credit card, bank card
  • 4 Luggage tags & baker's twine
  • World map

Veterinarian set:
The Veterinarian Pretend Play set has everything needed to treat even the most exotic animals. This set includes X-rays, a medical chart, prescription pad, patient records, treats, vet tools and more. Now your little one is set to diagnose every dog's disease and cure every kitten's cough.


  • Patient Record Pad
  • Prescription Pad
  • 16 Pet Portrait Stickers
  • 6 Die-Cut Vet Tools
  • 6 Vaccination Tags
  • 8 X-Rays
  • Sign & Diploma
  • 14 Reward Stickers
  • 16 Diagnostic Chart Stickers







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