Gin Rummy Card Game

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CLASSIC FUN FOR EVERYONE: Run away with the game or win with sets- classic Rummy is a timeless favorite. Whimsical animals illustrate the deck for more fun. Sure to be a family favorite!

LEARNING AND GROWING: Rummy is a classic introduction to card games. Kids learn about numbers, pairs, counting, holding and dealing cards, and taking turns.

CARD GAME BENEFITS: Simple card games have lots to offer. They’re fun & can improve concentration, increase vocabulary, train visual memory, & teach about classifying & differentiating objects.

WHO CAN PLAY: 2 or more players ages 5 + can enjoy Rummy in this 52 card deck complete with instructions simple enough for children to play on their own and sturdy, frustration-free packaging.

PLAYING IS GROWTH: Frequent play for children is beneficial on many levels. Play creates an opportunity for social skill development, numerous cognitive benefits, and can improve emotional well being.

Choking Hazard: Manufacturer suggests product is not suitable for children under 3
Material: Playing cards
Age: 5 years and up
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