Dinosaur Sticker Tote

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DINO DISCOVERY: Dinosaur Sticker Tote is a wonderful solo activity that requires no reading and lots of imagination! Learn about all the dinosaurs with static stickers and cool prehistoric scenes.

ON THE GO STICKER FUN: Neat tote lets kids & families take this item in cars, planes, into a restaurant, or anywhere you might want an engaging activity that's easy to start and easy to clean up.

STATIC STICKERS ARE REUSABLE: Play for a few minutes or a few hours - reusable cling stickers make this a fun, creative activity kids will go back to again and again.

DETAILS: Two 6.25" x 18.75" scenes and over 50 reusable stickers and tote. For ages 3 years and older; Peaceable Kingdom packaging is all designed to be frustration free - naturally!

PLAYING IS GROWTH: Frequent play for children is beneficial on many levels. Play creates opportunity for social skill development, numerous cognitive benefits, and can improve emotional well being.

Choking Hazard: Manufacturer suggests product is not suitable for children under 2
Material: Reusable stickers
Age: 3 years and up
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