Logan + Lenora Wet + Dry Wallet

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A perfectly sized wet + dry pouch.  Toss in your favorite bag to stay organized. Fits easily in our Simple ClutchWristlet ClutchHoboPortfolio, & Daytripper Tote.


  • wipes
  • baby creams
  • snacks
  • breast pads


  • toiletries/cosmetics
  • essential oils
  • menstrual supplies


6"H x 9.5"W

Inner: Waterproof Lining
Stronger, safer, and softer

2x thicker waterproof laminate
Vapor-proof contains moisture and smells
Toxin free, No BPA, lead, or phthalates
Bonded with heat to avoid harmful chemicals
Soft flexible knit base fabric


Outer: Performance Poly Canvas

Looks and feels like cotton canvas
Fade + stain resistant
Machine washable
Fast drying + wrinkle free


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