Stinky diapers? We can fix them.

Are your child’s cloth diapers a little bit funky? A lot funky? Are they leaking for no clear reason?

We’ll get your diapers back to normal fast. Bring your stash in clean and dry to take advantage of our cloth diaper stripping service. We’ll work our magic, and get your diaper stash back to a smell-free, leak-free normal.

Fee is $30 for a stash of 25-30 diapers. Stash refers to inserts, covers, pockets, all-in-ones, and wipes. Wet bags don’t normally need to be stripped, but  you can include them if you choose.

For larger stashes, please call us at 405-848-2330 for a personalized quote.

When you bring your diapers in, be prepared to answer a few questions about your wash routine, the problems you are noticing, etc. This information helps us determine the best way to perk up your cloth diapers.

When your diapers are ready, we’ll also include diaper washing instructions and advice to help prevent issues going forward.

FINE PRINT: Once we’ve started stripping your stash, the fee is non-refundable. Diapers must be as clean as you can get them and dry when you drop them off. This is an introductory program – we reserve the right to change the fee or terms as the program develops.