Junior Classic Building Blocks - 24 Piece Set

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Building blocks have always been one of the most popular toys among children. Light Stax are a beautifully lit color block. Constructed from a powered base, each block magically lights up as it is stacked. There is no "wrong" way to stack the blocks, providing endless possibilities to fulfill your imagination and creativity. 

Light Stax can also be used as a custom night light with 3 light modes: solid, flicker, and fading. And all three modes have a 15-minute automatic shutdown. Light up your world with LIGHT STAX illuminated blocks! These unique building blocks shine brilliantly with colorful light as you stack them, bringing your designs to life.

The package contains:

  • 24 light blocks (6 colors: orange, red, white, green, blue and yellow)
  • 1 USB smart cradle.
  • 1 USB to DC cable.
  • 3 AAA batteries.

A perfect holiday or birthday gift for any child!

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