Jixelz Flying Things 1500pc

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Jixelz Flying Things


Classic puzzle fun becomes an adventure in pixelated creativity!

  • Sets of 1500 colorful jigsaw-shaped building pieces for making colorful designs
  • Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, creativity, planing
  • A fascinatingly fun and simple adventure in creativity
  • Sets each include 1500 Jixel pieces
  • Sets include instructions for building 4 mini designs or one giant design
  • Jixelz hold together strong - No ironing needed!
  • High quality materials - Exceptional crafting experience


| Madison M. 14-08-2020 01:37

This is a great toy! Amazing for older children! A thirteen year old can do it! You don't even need to follow the instructions! Just build whatever comes to mind!

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