Glo Pals

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Available in a variety of colors, you're sure to find your child's favorite! Simply drop the Glo Pal in the water during bath time and watch it light up and glow! Or, pair the Glo Pal with a Glo Pal Character for even more fun!


Meet Blair! He’s amazingly cheery and always looks for the bright side of things. Known for his big glasses and smile, Blair is always ready to play. Simply drop him in water and see how bright he really is - he’ll “glo” blue and instantly come to life.



Meet Pippa! She's the shortest of the Glo Pals, but is very smart. When Pippa gets placed in water, you'll see just how bright she is - she'll "glo" green and instantly come to life!



Meet Lumi! She has curly hair and loves her friends. When Lumi gets placed in water, she'll "glo" purple and instantly come to life!



Meet Sammy! He's tall, lanky, and loves sports. When Sammy gets placed in water, he'll "glo" red and instantly come to life!



Meet Alex! He's always cheery and fun to be around. When Alex gets placed in water, he'll "glo" like sunshine and instantly come to life!

Choking Hazard: Yes, small parts. Not intended for children under 3 years.
Age: 3+ years
| Jo 09-09-2020 20:09

My almost 4-year-old loved this as a surprise gift. Definitely brings some added change to the old bathtime routine. Get more than one color and make the rainbow. Great for learning color identification and mixing, too!

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