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Washing your hands a lot these days? Try using a moisture rich BAR SOAP! We use shea butter and many delicious, nourishing oils to make our bars both cleansing and less drying.

Pair that with our SOLID LOTION BAR to protect those hands! It contains shea butter, coconut oil, & a touch of beeswax for the perfect combination that is moisture rich but not greasy. The beeswax is humectant and pulls moisture from the air, locking it in, the way a good chapstick would. It really is like chapstick for your hands. You have to try it to know!

Relax with one of our BATH FIZZ bags! It’s essentially a bath bomb in a bag. The best part is you get the explosion of scent, color, and moisture, but you don’t have to use the whole thing all at once. Use a little, use a lot, it’s up to you.

BONUS- We are including a SOAP SAVER! This turns your soap into “soap on a rope.” It helps your soap last longer in the shower, and keeps it from getting mushy. When you’re down to that last little sliver of soap you can still get a beautiful lather… good to the last drop!

Available in a variety of scents! Look at the listing for each one under the “soap” tab for a scent description.

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