Copper Pearl Top Knot Hat Diesel

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  • Our top knot hats are designed with baby's comfort in mind. That's why we created them with ultra-soft, breathable fabric with just the right hint of stretch. You can feel confident that baby will feel cozy and comfortable in this darling cap.
  • At Copper Pearl we pride ourselves on making high quality products that always look great on babies, moms, or in your nursery. Our top knot hots are simple, modern, and use to elevate any baby's style.
  • Our trendy top knot hats are designed in the same prints and patterns seen on our beloved swaddles blankets. They make a perfect pair.
  • Moms love Copper Pearl products, and our top knot hats are no different. A newborn essential, they make a meangingful gift that every mom will love for baby showers, birthdays, or Christmas. Sure to be appreciated by a new and seasoned mom/parent alike.
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