Charlie's Soap - Oxygen Bleach Powder

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Charlie's Soap Oxygen Bleach Powder

Chlorine bleach is harsh. It works – at the price of damaging certain fabrics. Charlie’s Soap Oxygen Bleach is different. It is formulated from washing soda and hydrogen peroxide, which whitens whites and tackles stains and odors while being safer for the environment, including your septic tank.  As little as two tablespoons per load will do the trick. It is color safe, but be sure to follow garment care instructions.

• Concentrated non-chlorine bleach works with as little as 2 tablespoons per load.
• One 2.64 lbs bag.
• Whitens whites.
• Tackles stains and odors.
• Non-chlorine bleach is safer for the environment.
• Clean rinsing.
• Zero fillers.
• Safe for all your laundry. Color safe (follow garment care instructions).
• Septic safe.


Sodium percarbonate, sodium carbonate, sodium metasilicate

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