Calm in Your Palm

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With Calm in Your Palm, the first book in the CIYP book series, we are excited to offer you an experience that we believe will provide you and your family with delight and joy. The story guides you to move the palm of your hand across the four colored sections of the blanket - from yellow to green to white, finishing with blue. By "The End", you will experience the warmth of the yellow sun, the silkiness of the green grass, the peacefulness of the white clouds, the sounds of the blue waters and, yes, even the joy of laughing like you mean it!

Know that 5% from the proceeds is donated to a United Way partnered agency helping children and families break free from poverty!


• A hardcover 8.5 X 11 children's picture book with 32 beautifully colored illustrations; printed in the USA using paper from responsible sources (FSC Mix certified).
• A 14" X 14" blanket that is GOTS certified and is 100% certified organic cotton. There is a naming page in the book for writing down the name kids dream up for their beloved blanket! Their personal blanket becomes a treasure they love!
• A free downloadable song
• A free downloadable Calm In Your Palm App: It brings playful life to the "Calm in Your Palm" book using Augmented Reality! Pretty cool stuff we're talking about! The CIYP App is optimized for iPhone 5 (and up) with current iOS (10 and up) and Android 6 & 7 OS phones.
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