Top 5 Benefits of Babywearing

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Top 5 Benefits of Babywearing

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If you have a newborn or a baby at home, you’re more than likely holding them for a majority of the day, and that’s totally normal! Our babies want to be close to us and loved on. However, the need for our babies to be held all the time can make getting things done seem impossible and can sometimes make us go crazy! How are we supposed to do the laundry, clean the house, take a moment to ourselves, eat our lunch, or take care of other children in the household? One word: babywearing! 


Babywearing allows us to have our cake and eat it too! (yum..cake!) We can hold, cuddle, and love on our baby AND have the ability to handle life with two hands - yay!


Here are top 5 benefits of babywearing – for you and baby!


1. It is great for soothing your fussy baby.

Babies who are worn by their mamas tend to cry less because they are close to you and are getting that nestled touch and smell of your chest. 

2. You are able to manage daily life while using both hands!

You know that laundry and clean house we were talking about? This is when babywearing becomes magical! You are able to do daily tasks with both hands while carrying baby, or more importantly if you have multiple children, you can still give them the attention they desire while wearing your baby. Picture doing a puzzle with your toddler while baby is asleep in your carrier. Perfect Instagram moment!

3. Your partner can also care for baby

Mamas, you know when your baby only wants you, but you desperately need a shower for the first time this week? Well, with a baby carrier your partner is able to care for them too! Have your partner wear baby while mama gets a shower or some coffee, whichever she desires!

4. It is good for cognitive and social development.

When babies spend less time crying or fussing, they are able to spend more time learning, interacting, and adjusting to life around them. If your baby is being worn, he/she are able to be more involved in their parents’ everyday life, he/she can come along with you, see what you see, and hear what you hear. Also, when they are close to you that allows you to care for them quickly, touch, and love on them more, which helps your baby feel secure and also aids in overall development! All of this can increase learning, cognitive development, and overall wellbeing for baby… win!

5. People won’t touch baby.

When babies are wrapped up in a baby carrier, it naturally keeps the germs away! People love looking at and touching babies, which unfortunately means they are inadvertently sharing their germs! However, we all are a bit more hesitant to touch another adult as quickly as we would touch a baby. In today’s world, no one wants random people touching their baby in the middle of the grocery store – so by putting your baby in the carrier when you go shop or run errands, you’ll be better able to keep others from touching/cooing over your little one and will be better able to protect your baby from germs.


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