Tips & Tricks to Potty Training

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Tips & Tricks to Potty Training

Assume the poo-sition! 


As our babies grow into the toddler stage and beyond, it’s bittersweet to watch them reach their developmental milestones. However, there is one milestone that we all know and look forward to: potty training! 


Potty training can be tricky as we try to figure out what approach is going to work best for our child. Each child may learn differently - and that’s ok! There is no right or wrong way to teach this skill but hopefully some of our tips can help you. 

  1. Get them involved.

Take your child shopping for their new potty! Get them excited, hype them up, and let them pick out their favorite potty. If they are included in the process, they will be more excited about using it when the time comes! 


   2. Buy big kid underwear as a sign of encouragement. 

Purchase fun underwear, like ones with friendly puppies or pretty flowers! Spend time explaining to them that once they learn how to use the potty, they can wear this super fun big kid underwear! You can also use these cute undies during training, just be prepared for some accidents! Again, let them be included when picking out undies! 


   3. Use a reward / progress tracker.

Use a tracker like the one here and hang it near the potty in the bathroom. Every time your toddler does a good job, reward them by letting them use the chart. He/she will feel included & excited for a new sticker! 


   4. Create a potty schedule.

This could be very simple and whatever works for your family! For example, visit the potty every half hour, after mealtime, or before nap time and bedtime. Then, stick to it! Kids respond so well to a schedule because it lets them know what to expect.


  5. Praise them like crazy! 

When your toddler successfully uses the potty - PRAISE! Create a potty training dance, turn on some music, sing a song, or anything to give off a high energy for doing such a great job! After all, everyone loves to receive positive reinforcement and recognition, so why not make it a fun and rewarding experience for your little one?


  6. Patience.

Every child learns at their own pace so have patience with them if they don’t get on day one, or even day three. We promise, Mama, it will come! Give your child and yourself a little bit of grace - you both deserve it!


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