March 2021 - Loyalty Club Perk

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March 2021 - Loyalty Club Perk

March 2021 Perk: We'll fill in an extra box on your Loyalty Card every time you shop in store or curbside!

Our Green Bambino Loyalty Club automatically awards our loyal customers each month, and there's nothing you have to do or keep track of to earn the monthly reward or perk! We have your information in our system, so you will automatically get the perks you've earned without having to present a card at check out.
The monthly rewards will continue to rotate, and our VIPs will get better rewards than our Green Card members. Want the best rewards possible? Keep shopping with us and climb the ladder to becoming a VIP/Pink Card member to get the best perks each month.
In March 2021, our Loyalty Club Members (Green and Pink Card Members) will get an extra box checked off every time they shop with us. This means instead of needing to shop 6 times to fill a box with rewards dollars to cash in, you'll only need to shop 3 times in March! A faster path to rewards? Yes please!
Why is this a big deal?! Because by checking off an extra box each time you shop, you will fill up your rewards cards more quickly in March. This will allow you to move up to VIP status and as you know, VIPs get the best rewards every time they shop with us! Already a VIP? Then this means you will get to your next rewards payday more quickly in March! Isn't it nice getting free $$ back just from shopping at your local baby store?


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