Introducing Your Baby to Solids

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Introducing Your Baby to Solids

      Introducing your baby to solids is one of the most exciting (and messy) milestones of their first year! We can’t wait to introduce them to all of our favorites, like bananas, avocados, and sweet potatoes. Encourage baby to enjoy and have fun with your new meal time - even if most of their meal ends up on the bib, all over their cute little face, and across the table/floor - instead of actually inside their tummies!

      First thing's first: Talk with your child's pediatrician to make sure he/she is ready to start on solids or purees. Once doc gives you the green light, it's time to get started.

      Kelsey Minyen, our Marketing & E-Commerce Manager, started her son on purees when he was about 5 months old.

      "I gave my son avocado as his first food, and I pureed it in a blender until it was very smooth and creamy," Minyen said. "I also mixed in some breastmilk, per his pediatrician's recommendation, to help his tummy adjust to the new nutrients and textures and he really enjoyed it!"

      Keep in mind that your child probably will not eat a large serving at any given time, especially as they are learning to eat solids. Try to remember this is a learning experience more than anything - your child is still getting their nutritional needs met through breast milk or formula. So if they do not actually eat a lot of solid food at first, it's okay.

      Making sure that you have the proper tools to help your child with this new learning experience is very important as well. (After all, have you ever tried to plant a garden without a shovel? It just doesn't work very well...) So as you begin your solid food adventure, here are a few of our favorite items that will make introducing your baby to solids go more smoothly:


  1. Olababy Baby Feeding Starter Set

        Not only is this set super cute and durable, it comes with a steam bowl that can be used to warm up food in the microwave, a parent feeding spoon, and a learning spoon for those independent littles who are ready to self-feed! All of these well-designed products help to encourage babies with enticing colors and easy-grip, naturally-inspired shapes.


   2. Bella Tunno - Wonder Bibs

       When introducing solids and purees, things will get messy! These bibs help catch the mess (less laundry, yay!) and come in a variety of cute sayings like “Feast Mode,” “Cheeks for Weeks,” and our current favorite - “Why You Peanut Butter & Jealous?” Wonder Bibs are easy to clean and reuse over and over again. You can also check out other awesome Bella Tunno products here.


   3. Wean Green Baby Feeding Starter Set 

       These are great storage containers if you plan to make your own baby food at home! Whip up a big batch of baby’s favorite food, and then use these glass containers that are freezer and microwavable safe to store individual portions so you always have food available!


   4. Re-Play Recycled

       Re-Play plates, cups, utensils, etc are great for all ages - anything you want or need, they’ve got it! Use the divided trays to separate foods for picky eaters or put their durability to the test with outdoor picnics and barbeques! On the go? Snack stacks to the rescue! Use them while traveling, shopping, or anytime you need to quickly throw a snack together and take it with you! Re-Play has a wide range of color options - you’re sure to find the pallete that is a perfect fit for your style.  All Re-Play items are free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, and surface coatings so you can be sure they are safe for your babies!


   5. We Might Be Tiny

       This is our newest line of fun and durable dishware for kiddos that we LOVE! Their Bunny Stickie plates and Bunny Placies put your toddler in charge at mealtime. Plates can easily be suctioned to the table so food doesn’t go flying across the kitchen! From Bunny Stickie Plates to Bunny Snackie containers, and summertime homemade popsicle molds - you can’t go wrong with We Might Be Tiny!


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