HALO Bassinest returns to Green Bambino

When newly-expecting parents visit Green Bambino, they are often overwhelmed by the amount of information they find on the internet and social media about all the stuff they need to have a baby.


We try to keep it simple - there are really only 4 things you need to figure out before you give birth:


  1. How you will feed baby.
  2. How you diaper baby (cloth or disposable, or a mix).
  3. Find a car seat that fits your vehicle and you understand how to use.
  4. Create a safe sleep environment for baby.


Enter the HALO Bassinest.  This swivel sleeper pulls right up next to your bed, keeping baby in their own sleep environment, but close enough you can see and hear them breathing.


Tap the 30-second video below to see the HALO Bassinest in action.



The HALO Bassinest is available in two styles at Green Bambino, the Essentia ($199) and the Luxe Plus ($299). We also have a floor model available for in-person demonstrations.



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