Green Bambino's Cloth Diaper Bank

We're giving a hand up to families on their way to financial stability.

One in three families struggle to afford diapers, and surprisingly, diapers cannot be bought with food stamps. Diapers are a small thing, but they can have a big impact on a family's ability to become self-sufficient. Buy diapers? Buy food to feed your family? OR pay the rent? TOUGH CHOICE. Not everyone is faced with this decision but many families are. To make do, some parents cut back on the food budget. Others "stretch" the use of a disposable diaper by changing it less frequently. Disposable diapers, as many of us know, are very costly. This is where cloth diapering is a HUGE help.

Cloth diapers are reusable and can diaper multiple children. By using donated cloth diapers, Green Bambino can help local families in the Oklahoma City metro. Once a child is finished using cloth diapers, Green Bambino takes in these donated items, sanitizes them and moves these serviceable diapers on to a family in need. All diapers in the current diaper bank are either donated from local families or retired diapers from our Newborn Rental Program.

Want to Apply?

  • Have a valid photo ID
  • Proof of child and or pregnancy
  • Obtain proof of enrollment in public or private assistance program
  • Complete Green Bambino’s Cloth Diaper Bank application in its entirety and agree to the Terms of Service.
  • Check your email after applying to the program! A Green Bambino Staffer will review and respond to your application within 2 weeks.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind:

  • All information submitted to Green Bambino is kept confidential. It is never shared or distributed.
  • Applicants who are approved to receive cloth diapers through Green Bambino’s Cloth Diaper Bank will need to pick up any donated diapers at Green Bambino on your previously scheduled date and time.Diapers will not be shipped.
  • Recipients assume all responsibility for any cloth diaper accessory – such as detergent, wipes, fasteners, etc. – that is not distributed through the Cloth Diaper Bank.
  • Recipients are aware that they will receive 18 diaper changes in the form of any and all types of cloth diapering including flats, prefold, All in One’s AI2’s, Hybrid, trainer, etc.
  • Recipients must be aware that all diapers in the cloth diaper bank are NOT NEW diapers, rather they have been donated by local families to service local families.
  • Diapers given through the Green Bambino Cloth Diaper Bank cannot be sold or distributed by the recipient. Pay it forward and give them to another family who can use them.
  • Recipients must be aware that they cannot choose pattern or style. All diapers are in serviceable condition and may have various stains or imperfections but are still functional to the best of our knowledge. All diapers have been washed and sanitized.

Cloth Diaper Bank application


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