Green Bambino Donates to OKCity Crisis Nursery to Celebrate Employee's Birthday

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Green Bambino Donates to OKCity Crisis Nursery to Celebrate Employee's Birthday

Green Bambino, Oklahoma City’s premiere baby store, has announced that they will be celebrating their employees’ birthdays by donating 20% of their sales on each employee’s birthday to a non-profit of that person’s choosing.

Kelsey Minyen, Marketing & E-Commerce Manager at Green Bambino, will be celebrating her birthday on Thursday, February 18, 2021, and she has chosen the OKCity Crisis Nursery as her favorite non-profit organization. Founded in 2019, the OKCity Crisis Nursery provides help and support to parents when an emergency arises and the parent needs a temporary tribe to help care for their child.

“I personally am very blessed to have a very supportive network to help with raising my children, but I know many parents are not as lucky,” said Minyen. “That’s why I think the OKCity Crisis Nursery is so amazing! They provide assistance for parents and children in difficult times and situations, when that support can really make a huge impact on the life of a child.”

“I wanted to have a unique way to celebrate our employees on their birthdays while also supporting our community in an impactful way,” said Morgan Harris, owner of Green Bambino. “The OKCity Crisis Nursery is a newer organization in our community that is filling a role that has previously gone unfulfilled. I really hope we are able to make a sizeable donation to them this year.”

To help support the OKCity Crisis Nursery, please shop at Green Bambino or on Thursday, February 18, 2021. Green Bambino will donate 20% of all sales on this date to the OKCity Crisis Nursery, so every dollar spent is helpful for the non-profit organization.

Green Bambino is Oklahoma City's full-service baby store. Located at 5120 North Shartel Avenue, Green Bambino’s mission is clear: to help make parenting newborns and toddlers less overwhelming by providing a curated collection of thoughtful baby products and services. Green Bambino has been a part of the Oklahoma City community since 2010 and will celebrate their 11th anniversary in March 2021. Green Bambino has a vast selection of fun, functional, and earth-friendly products for parents to choose from, including toys, books, diapers, car seats, and more.


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