Fun Screen-Free Activites for Kids

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Fun Screen-Free Activites for Kids

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Did you know that most American children spend about 3 hours a day watching television or using screens!? WOAH! As a parent, I think we are all guilty of turning on a show for our children so we can either get 5 minutes of quiet or possibly finish the laundry that’s been in the dryer for 5 business days! Whether you are wanting to cut back on screen time or completely eliminate it, we’ve got some fun non-screen activities in mind for you.


Write a letter to a grandparent. Many of our grandparents are spending their time isolated to stay safe during this time. I’m no grandparent, but I’m sure a handwritten letter or a beautiful picture created by their grandchildren is sure to make them smile! Some other ideas include nursing homes or elderly neighbors. Putting their artwork in an envelope and sending it off will give them a sense of gratification and it’s a great opportunity for a lesson on compassion.


Go on a scavenger hunt. If you know there is a nice sunny day coming up, prepare a nature scavenger hunt at the park! You can search for things like birds, sticks, squirrels, and rocks. You may even get really creative and bring a magnifying glass.


Build a fort. Whether you use cardboard boxes, pillows, blankets, chairs, or our favorite Airfort, forts provide children with hours of entertainment! Bring a tray full of snacks, a cozy blanket, and some books for a quiet and (and hopefully relaxing) moment.


Make a craft! Use objects around the house to create a fun craft (toilet paper rolls are always a good idea!) You might even bust out the paint and markers to get extra creative!


Make smoothies or bake healthy treats. As an adult, I always remember baking with my mom. Granted it was probably always something filled with sugar and also included icing… it’s still a favorite memory. Making smoothies or baking healthy treats is a great way to make memories, but also teach our children about fruits, vegetables and the importance of healthy eating. 


Have a dance party! Who doesn’t love a dance party!? It’s also a great way to burn some energy or a mood booster if your child is feeling grumpy. You can even play musical chairs or a game of freeze. (freezing when the music stops) You can also check out Tonies for your dance party!


DIY Bowling. Make bowling pins out of a few leftover water bottles (or whatever tall plastic containers you have on hand), set them up in a long hallway, and let them pick out a ball to use. This will keep the tots entertained for a while.


Yoga. Put those workout classes to use and show your kiddos a few simple poses.


Trip to Green Bambino. If you’re really running out of ideas and need some help, come visit us at Green Bambino! Maybe they earned a new toy :)


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