5th Saturday Dates of 2022!

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5th Saturday Dates of 2022!

NOTE: The next 5th Saturday is January 29th!

Are you in the club?

Each 5th Saturday for 2022 will be January 29th, April 30th, July 30th, October 29th, and December 31st. (...5th Saturday on New Years Eve!? We've never done this before!) 5th Saturday Club members can bring in their special tote bag and save up to 20% storewide*.

How do you get in the 5th Saturday Club?

When you fill up your first 6 box rewards card and start your second (it's green), you'll earn our specially-designated 5th Saturday Club tote bag made from 60% recycled plastic bottles (of course!).

Once you have the bag, bring it each 5th Saturday to get your discount. 

*Some manufacturers may ask to be excluded from this discount. In-Stock car seats, strollers, and their accessories are discounted 10%, while all other in-stock merchandise will be discounted 20%. Limit one free bag per person, but if you lose yours, you can purchase a new one for a very small fee. Otherwise, this bag is never available for purchase - you must earn it by completing all the boxes on your first 6 box card.

If you use your bag all over town and it falls apart from wear and tear, bring it in to trade for a new one at no charge.


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