BathSprudel - Single Bath Bomb

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Bean People USA Bath Bombs: The Most Vibrantly Refreshing and Magical Bath Experience EVER That Wows Any Child

We FEEL you and your kids’ wish to be thrilled, tantalized or, heck, even sizzled in overwhelming excitement every time you take a bath!

We UNDERSTAND your wish for explosive joy and an unforgettable moment with your kids while creating memories during bath time.

We KNOW your kids’ desire for a dazzling display of magic, mirth and phantasm that stirs up their creative talent and imagination during baths.
This is why we will stir your emotions and rouse you and your child’s senses with our Bean People USA Bath Sprudels - Bath Bombs for Kids How? Well, just consider these magical spells:

✓Bathbombs With No Essential Oils and Non-Toxic Ingredients That Emit Strong Smells
✓ 100% Clinically Tested, Safe and Risk-Free Food-Grade Ingredients
✓ Meticulously Crafted Dazzling Sponge Toy Surprise Made in Africa Since 1988
✓ 100% Customer Satisfaction

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