Babylonia Flexia Baby Carrier

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We’re excited to welcome Flexia, Babylonia’s soft structured carrier, to the BabyloniaUSA product line. Soft Structured Carriers have exploded in popularity in the US in the last decade but carrying infants has remained difficult, requiring separate inserts that never seem to be handy when you need them. Sometimes, with good intentions, parents or caregivers inadvertently create dangerous workarounds. Seeing this problem, Babylonia created a carrier that can be safely used from birth while ensuring an ergonomic M-position where a natural, supportive back position is maintained.

Introducing the Flexia: a soft structured carrier you can use from birth through age 4 (7-45lbs) without workarounds like sizers, inserts, rolled up towels, and the like. Flexia is designed to be a uniquely integrated carrying system that is ergonomic, safe, organic, and comfortable. 

The Babylonia Flexia easily grows with your little one, ensuring the proper ergonomic “M-position” fit at every age. Flexia includes a shoulder and waist belt with three interchangeable panels, each a different size. Using our patented zipper panel system, simply unzip the panel baby has outgrown and zip in the next panel.

Tested to US and European safety standards, Flexia features durable stitching and webbing as well as buckles, zippers, and snaps that ensure baby stays safe and secure.

Babylonia Flexia is made from Oeko-tex certified organic cotton, keeping toxic chemicals away from baby’s sensitive skin as well as being earth-friendly.

Flexia is comfortable to wear. With padded shoulder straps and a supportive waistband, baby’s weight is distributed to allow for extended periods of babywearing without discomfort. Use the Flexia to carry on the front, back, or hip.

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